If your son or daughter comes to live in a UWE Houses house, please be assured that they will be well cared for by us.

We are specialists in student letting and our experience means we understand the particular needs of student tenants - this is usually the first time they have rented a house after all.  We take extra time to explain the renting process and will always talk through any additional concerns they might have or explain any terms they don't understand. 

We have built our business up over twenty years with a reputation built on care and individual concern for each of our tenants.  Instead of the pool tables and freebies some private halls of residence offer, we concentrate on a well-cared for and welcoming home, great maintenance and a team who they can talk to if they are facing issues, be it financial problems paying the rent or even problems with their housemates. 

As a parent you need to have confidence that your son or daughter will be treated fairly, that they will have a safe and comfortable home and that any maintenance issues will be dealt with - this is part of who we are and what we do.



All tenants have to supply a guarantor of rent - this is usually a parent but does not have to be. The person who guarantees the rent needs to be willing and able to pay, once the rent becomes more than ten days late.  If you are an international student, please speak with us about other options.


  • UK-based guarantor
  • Ideally a parent in full time employment or on a permanent contract
  • If you choose a close relative such as a sibling or grand-parent to be your guarantor, they will have to prove they have enough savings to pay for the rent should it be overdue
  • All guarantors will be asked to provide evidence that they can afford the monthly rental instalments.  We use an online referencing service called Vouch.
  • Tenants without a UK-based guarantor will need to pay all the annual rent in advance as we are unable to accept guarantors that do not live in the UK. There is however a 2% discount for paying all the rent in full

The applicant will be invited by Vouch to supply information and select a guarantor.  The guarantor will then be asked to supply information and evidence to show they are in a financial position to act as a guarantor.

Using Vouch, the whole referencing process should take between 5-7 days depending on how quickly the applicant and guarantor can supply the necessary information. 

When selecting your guarantor, it’s important they are willing and able to pay any outstanding rent as soon as they are asked.  This is why a regular income or savings to cover the rent is important and they can promptly pay a month's rent when asked.

Failure to pay may lead to court action being taken against you which could result in you having to pay more than the original amount.  County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) and other court orders against you will affect your ability to get credit in the future.

In the light of the special situation of covid-19 in the summer of 2020, UWE Houses has decided in some cases to waive some of the above requirements making the contract valid without all occupants having an approved guarantor.

A guarantor's information sheet is available to download below:



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